Software testing

Testing is important, assurance is vital. GVR is offering independent QA and software testing services: automated and manual software testing, performance testing, dedicated testing teams, QA/QC support in IT outsourcing projects, resource augmentation and others. Organizations have been searching for new methods to cut testing costs and enlarge testing scalability. We help such organizations in accomplishing their strategic testing objectives and seamlessly run their software testing initiatives more cost-effectively. Small, medium and large enterprises across all market sectors trust our robust testing processes, specialised testing tools and consulting expertise to enhance testing efficiency and precision, reduce costs and decrease cycle times. Our software testing team holds the extensive expertise in various software products of the various domains, which is helping our clients in improving customer satisfaction, reduce time-to-market, enhance product quality and improving predictability while managing costs.

Software Testing Offerings:

• Requirement Gathering

• Test case development

• Test Case Writing

• Test Case running

• Test Execution

• Test Results

• Tracking & reporting

Web Application Testing

We help Internet-facing products and solutions match up against the competition, and we help companies facilitate business processes by ensuring their websites and web applications are functional, reliable and highly usable.ßß Testing a web solution is a complex task which requires a holistic, professional approach. GVR delivers a full range of web application testing services to help you be sure that your software is in compliance with the highest functional, security and usability standards of quality in cyberspace.

When web application testing is carried out, your web application or website is tested for potential bugs and all necessary reports are performed depending on your web testing requirements. With our web application testing services you will gain the following benefits: Cost-efficiency and time-saving – we use leading edge testing tools in order to make your web application testing less expensive and of better quality; Risk mitigation – our professional team of testers is good in assessing and mitigating risks depending on web testing type; Agility – we strive to be as flexible as it possible; Open communication.

Web Testing Package

As a professional company we know how to su4ccessfully overcome the specific challenges of web testing and assemble a comprehensive testing mix for each case: • Functional testing. GVR offers manual, semi-automated and automated functional testing services to ensure that both front-end and back-end components of the application work properly and as initially designed. • GUI testing combined with cross-browser testing is aimed at eliminating web application layout defects. Our seasoned testers will check the web application for compatibility with Chrome, Safari, Opera, IE, Firefox and other browsers to ensure its flawless behaviour regardless of the browser type or version. • Usability testing efficiently supplements GUI tests. It is aimed at revealing usability defects and inconsistencies that might confuse users. We make sure that a Web application is user-friendly, with simple, intuitive navigation. • Performance testing aims to allow a web application to sustain greater loads and stress conditions. We reveal bottlenecks and breaking points in the web application, assess current and planned data and user loads, and tune the software and hardware components.

Mobile Application Testing

GVR QA Lab can provide you with mobile application testing services that include testing application software on different mobile devices for its usability, consistency and functionality.

The quality of your mobile application, its usability, bug-free functioning, compatibility across iOS, Android and Windows Phone devices,as well as appealing design, all of it together plays a vital role in the success of your mobile app in particular, and your business as a whole.

Mobile application testing is an integral part of app development process and can valuably decrease your operational costs.With our mobile application testing services you will gain the following benefits: You will be sure that your application works stable on different mobile devices and networks. Time-to-market will be reduced significantly. Your mobile app will demonstrate the highest level of user experience and quality. Cost-efficiency and time saving. Our professional mobile testing consultants will help you with choosing the most suitable types of mobile application testing that will be in full compliance with all your requirements.

Desktop Application Testing

GVR has a wide experience in delivering desktop application testing services to our clients from all over the world. We aim to follow the newest trends in desktop application testing and development in order to provide you with the most suitable and leading edge solutions.

If you what your desktop application to take a leading positions on the IT market you must be sure that it will be tested in a right and thorough manner. Our professional consultants can help you to choose the most appropriate type of desktop application testing and our experienced testers will help you to perform it in the most efficient way. With our desktop application testing services you will gain the following benefits: Adherence to security standards; Experience in testing of multifunctional desktop applications; High-skilled team of testers; High-quality consulting services; Using the latest technology; Different methodologies and business models. GVR provides different types of desktop application testing that can be carried out depending on your requirements and needs.

Software Testing Consulting

GVR stands out among other software testing consulting companies by its result-driven and practice-oriented approach. Our software testing consulting services are based on real experience only, thus, theoretical and hands-on skills are inextricably linked.

GVR Company offers different QA consulting services to our clients such as: Testing assessments; General consulting; Coaching. With our testing assessment services you will get professional help in assessing your software testing process, tools and team skills. Our testing consultants will do their best to improve your business and help to coordinate your testing process in the most efficient way. Our general consulting services are provided to help you implement your testing ideas into life with minimum costs and maximum quality. Feel free to use our general testing services in case you have testing questions and issues you can’t resolve by yourself. There are also independent consultants in our team who would be glad to provide you with high-quality coaching and mentoring.

Benefits of Software Testing and Quality Assurance Consulting If you still have doubts whether you need software testing consulting services or not, then be sure to check up the following benefits of such services: Efficient review moderation; Added accountability; An objective view on the problems occurred during the testing process; Open communication process; Independent assessment of the situation. Unlike other software testing consulting companies, GVR understands that testing has many challenges. However, our experienced team of testers and consultants uses leading edge approach to provide a high degree of assurance that tested application or software will meet its intended purpose in the most preferable and bug-free way.

Performance Testing Services

• Cut overall QA costs by avoiding unproductive manual routines

• Shorten development time by accelerating testing cycles

• Improve automated testing processes with results-driven consulting

GVR’s performance testing services help companies to evaluate the performance of components within a particular system. Performance testing is a universal term that includes volume testing, capacity testing, load testing, stress testing, endurance testing, scalability testing and reliability testing.

ERP Testing

ERP test accelerators for Oracle, SAP and PeopleSoft packages

Over the past few years, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions have consistently remained among the top IT spending priorities in large corporations. GVR understands that testing ERP applications can be complicated, because even a simple change can have upstream or downstream effects on system configuration, business process steps, interfaces, security or supporting infrastructures. Changes must be tested in a controlled environment that imitates production operations to ensure that critical business operations will not be interrupted when a change is being implemented, while ensuring that the product-related changes do not negatively affect how the application supports the business.

Testing the ERP implementation process is important due to ERP's critical role and complexity. Our testing and validation solutions span across the length and breadth of ERP Packages including SAP, Oracle E-Business Suite and Oracle PeopleSoft. We have a dedicated team of testers with rich experience in industry standard tools for test automation (HP Quick Test Professional, IBM Rational Functional Tester (RFT), SAP Test Acceleration and Optimization (TAO)), Performance testing (HP Load Runner) and test data management. GVR SAP Testing Centre of Excellence (TCoE) offers services across the life cycle of SAP projects / programs from implementation, rollout, upgrade, production support, and maintenance – through IP, solutions, tools and accelerators, and pre-packaged solutions. Our team of testers has extensive experience and knowledge of SAP modules, testing methodologies, and tools.

Software Testing Training

GVR offers a variety of training courses that address an assortment of software education topics, such as testing principles, test planning,test methodology and test automation. Training with our experienced test experts will create more knowledgeable IT professionals with a diverse skill set, while also deepening their personal understanding of the software testing and development process.

Training Details

GVR course instructors combine extensive formal education, software testing expertise, and real-world experience to deliver focused, interactive, and highly effective training. Our instructors will work carefully with course attendees in whichever way works best for your specific needs.

GVR has tailored many of our courses to testing processes and software products used and created by our clients. We’re willing and able to customize any of our testing training courses to accommodate your unique training needs or special training requests.